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The Elevator Pitch

Well, hello Bernie! I never thought I’d see the day when you’d be getting lunch; the way I’ve heard it told, you run on caffeine alone.
Well believe it Sherwin; we do get lucky in the ER every now and again and catch a break, things will heat up soon I’m sure. What I don’t believe is that you’re planning to bring one of those clinical decision-making intrusions into this hospital. The way I see it, only doctors should make clinical decisions.
Yes, Bernie – we will be looking to implement a clinical decision support system in the ER; I am hoping that you and your staff can think of it in the same way that pilots flying airplanes think of instruments in the cockpit – they’ll provide useful information at the right time which is specifically tailored to the situation currently being overseen by the attending doctor.
Sherwin, while I grasp the analogy, you and I both know that we’ve seen this show before. Inevitably your administration along with the insurance companies will cram CDSS down our throats as ‘best practices’ that will then be implemented as protocol from which we will not be able to deviate without penalty.
Bernie, I am not aware of a single person who works in this hospital who does not respect the skill and dedication of the doctors on your team; what we’re hoping to do with the CDSS we will be implementing, is to present all of the attending physicians with relevant information – at their finger-tips about information like possible co-morbidity issues, for example, that can aid the attending physician in their decision making about the patient’s treatment.
Flattery will do you no good Sherwin; this is a small hospital and there are very few instances when my doctors are not aware of what all ails these patients who eventually come to us – we’ve known many of them since they were children, and we don’t need this system to tell us what we already in most cases know.
I can assure you Bernie that nothing good said about you and your staff is flattery. I do agree with you that this is a small hospital and that our physicians are very familiar with patients coming out of this community, but we’ve been seeing an increase of patients who are not permanent members of this community coming to the ER – like those snow bird part-timers from the new time share communities springing up around here. The CDSS will help us all keep track of their medical histories across time zones and states as we coordinate their care with their other physicians from wherever else they come.
Well, I have to admit that you have a point there – we have had an increased influx of those darn golf club swinging retirees coming to the ER with twisted shoulders, torn rotator cuffs, pulled hamstrings and the like – only to find out later that some of them have a long list of additional maladies that they seem not to think of telling us of till after the fact. Okay, so you’ve convinced me! But if those darned things start jangling and beeping all over the place, I’ll be coming to see you! I hear them calling me over the intercom – I’ve got to go.
Thank you, Bernie, maybe next time we could both get to finish our lunches. I’ll drop by your office to give you a more detailed look at what the new CDSS will offer us. Hope you have a good day!

Sherwin L. Kendall

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