Electronic Decision Support System Design Paper

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Electronic Decision Support System Design Paper

Electronic Decision Support System/ DSS | System Design Document.

The document posted on this LINK is a paper I wrote for a finals in a Systems Analysis & Design course I took as part of courses for my MS in Health Care Informatics program at the University of Central Florida. Go Knights!  I’ve never done work on an actual DSS system design, but it is an area of expertise I’m attracted to. I’ve been analyzing and designing systems for years now – often without any formal training. For example, when I worked for a subsidiary of Express Scripts – then known as the Acthar Support & Access Program – I built and managed a database application in MS Access 2016 to allow approximately 120 users – across two states {Florida & St Louis} to access and input data {depending on role}. I also trained management on how to run simple queries to garner specific data from the database. The database was built to support these teams while the company migrated users to a Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform.  Analyzing, developing, testing and implementing systems is a true love of mine! However, my foray into systems design and analyst does not only apply to hardware/software IT systems. I also love to work on workflow analysis and development. I advocated for and built a prototype for a paperless system while on the Acthar program at UBC. The system used Adobe Acrobat Pro and RightFax to replace multiple hours spent scanning, printing and uploading paper documents.  


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