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This post is about a period of my life when I did a lot of gardening. The pictures posted here are from those times. This was done as an “I can do this” challenge to myself, and partly as a response to Michelle Obama’s push to get people to plant. Almost all of the produce was donated to anyone who wanted it. When the crops were ready, I’d put up a post on a Yahoo neighborhood space with my address, and people would come get it. I got a great kick out of seeing the sheer delight on people’s face when they saw the garden and the items produced from it. I reside in Florida and the soil is mostly sand so it takes some doing to plant a useful garden here. One trick I used – stumbled on it actually, was planting corn plants.  When they’re young they attract a host of bugs, and I found that as long as the bugs had them to chomp on – they’d leave the other crops relatively unmolested. An added plus to this symbiotic arrangement – is that more birds came to the garden, and they’d feast on the bugs.  So it worked out in a nice little balance to keep the green going. See pics below.  Enjoy!

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