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About Me

I find it difficult to support the notion that one can give an accurate account of one’s self without appearing somewhat ignorant of one’s actual and obvious self.  Obvious that is – to anyone who’s observed said self from the rather more objective vantage point of the other. As a consequence, I shy away from any and all self descriptions, and encourage anyone who’s interested in ‘knowing’ about me – to put in the observations necessary to garner their own notions of who they think I am. After all… a person’s perspective ‘is’ their reality… I promise, I’ll do the same to get to know about you.

Quote: What if change is simply the exchange of one illusion for another.

Why This Blog..?

Think of it as a sort of scratching post, a space where I’ll share ideas I find interesting {in the spirit of re-growth, scenting and other individualized  homo sapiens’ markings} hopefully a picture will slowly appear. Yes, you’ll need to wait for it, and yes, do avoid rushing to judgement about my character, or anyone else’s for that matter – and I promise that I’ll refrain from so doing myself. (:- And of course…. your comments are welcome for they make this actually worth doing -:) 

I’ll also be using the space to share some of my art work {Spoken Word} as they demonstrate a lot of the ideas I find appealing. After all, our existence is a collective telling of stories; stories we tell ourselves and those we tell each other. I invite you to join me in sharing this journey!

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