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A Short Look At Two Factor use in Healthcare.

ISSUE: Security is of utmost importance in the safeguarding of patient data access and two factor authentication can aid in shoring up current security measures. The implementation of this additional layer of security would satisfy HIPAA Security Rule – 45 CFR 164 and could reduce incidences of data breaches for online identity theft. (Multi-factor authentication,…
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Who decides?

 “Now, possibly more than ever, there appears to be an impetus for employees to bring skills such as creativity, leadership, and critical thinking to work.” Closing the employ-ability skills gap By Jennifer Radin, Steve Hatfield, Jeff Schwartz, Colleen Bordeaux   This article is well written and holds some ideas well worth delving into – I…
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The Elevator Pitch

Well, hello Bernie! I never thought I’d see the day when you’d be getting lunch; the way I’ve heard it told, you run on caffeine alone. Well believe it Sherwin; we do get lucky in the ER every now and again and catch a break, things will heat up soon I’m sure. What I don’t…
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Change Management

1. Which types of barriers (cultural, structural, business case) are the biggest threat to IT health project? Why did you select these? Identify and assess strategies to overcome these barriers. I think the biggest barriers to an IT health project are: perceived inequity, depersonalization, deskilling, and lack of generally accepted standards. I’ve chosen these three…
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